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Flag alerts from NC

Thanks to our many members for their contributions

Below is a list of just some of our members who contributed to our Post events recently:

  • May 21, 2022 - Thanks to Teeena Barbour, Joy Clifton and Helen Carter for working all day at the recent fund raiser yard sale, as well as the many members who brought their items to sell. We had a good (and hot) day for the sale.
  • Aug 14, 2020 - Thanks to the many people who helped with the Auxiliary's fundraiser to raise funds to assist the Post during the shutdown. It was a big success. We had donations to cover all the items and food needed, and sold out. So, all income went to our cause of helping our Post. Thanks to Ronnie and Sue Johnson who took care of most of the food, Joy and Teena who organized the reservations and supplies, and to all those who helped with desserts, ice, serving and delivering or who bought plates
  • July 2020 - Thanks to Jack Mitchener who has been going to the Post and cutting the grass and weed eating.
  • June 2020 - Thanks to Tina Creech who has been keeping an eye on the Post building, taking care of mail, emptying the flag box, throwing away spoiled food in the refridgerators and other items to keep the place up.
  • May 2020 - Thanks to the small crew of Post and Auxiliary members who held our annual Memorial Day programs around Garner during the forced shut-down.
  • June 2018 - Thanks to Mike Mitriska, who bought the Post a lawn mower and also helped to acquire a blower from Home Depot.
  • March 2018 - Thanks to the many Auxiliary members that contributed to our fund raiser to fill our Relief Fund. We had donations of between $20 and $500 each! Thanks to Sharon Morgan, Helen Carter, Shelby Dean, Alice Daniels, Michelle Johnson, Linda Tichauer and Terrie Glover.
  • March 28, 2018 - Thanks to the Post members who joined with the Garner American Legion Post 232 to visit the patients at the Durham VA and play Bingo there. From our Post family, Anna Holm and Helen Carter attended.
  • Jan 10, 2018 - Thanks to the members who participated in our annual Memorial service when ALL of the members of our Post family who have passed away over the years is read and remembered.
  • November 2017 - to the many members who helped to judge the Voice of Democracy and Patriot's Pen entries. Ther were meny this year. Judges included: Jesse Mendoza, Teena Barbour, Helen Carter, Jeff Hicks, and Helen Carter.
  • October - to the crew for removing the old appliances, cleaning the space, and then getting the new appliances installed at the Post: Jesse Mendoza, Teena Barbour, Ronnie Johnson, Joy Clifton, David Ball, Ben, Dick Jansen, and Terry
  • October 2015 - to Jeff Hicks for getting all of our events into the newspaper
  • Feb 4, 2015 - Christine Lee Jones, Anna Holm and Helen Carter for entertaining the VA patients with a Bingo party.
  • Dec 6 - Bob Wendell, Tina Barbour, Jesse Mendoza, the color guard from the 1003rd PsyOps Training Co, member Sheila Crawford and Food Lion Timber Drive, Terry Mascaro of Lowes Foods Timber Drive for the contribution of candy, Joy Clifton who preped the flags, and all those who brought candy.
  • Dec 14 - To those who supported the annual Christmas Party for the US Army Reserve Center.
    • Tracie Main for stepping up to organize it
    • those who provided the food, drinks and paper ware: Tracey, Jeff, Etta Ball, Sandra Johnson-Leu, Bob Wendell, Dottie Backlund, Helen Carter
    • those who served it: Sandi and Don Leu, Helen Sloan, Bob and Chris Wendell, Mark and Sherrie Perkins, Wade Gutreuder, Jesse Mendoza and son Phillip
    • Bob and Helen Carter who took care of Santa and his photographer
  • November - Thanks to the following members who assisted with various Veterans Day events. As you can see, we did a lot of events, and many members were involved in most of them:
    • Ann Barnhouse, Connie Thompson, Sandi Johnson-Leu and Helen Carter for judging the Veterans Day Essays from a local school
    • Wade Gutreuder for speaking to an elementary school class for an hour on Veterans Day, and gave out flags to the students. They gave him some "Thank You" letters which were taken to the veterans at Lawndale Manor.
    • Ann Barnhouse and Helen Carter for passing out over 425 flags at the town Veterans Day program.
    • Joy Clifton for making a poster with pictures of many of our members for a display at Applebee's Restaurant for Veterans Day.
    • Bill Gordon for distributing flags and Poppes also at Applebee's.
    • Jerry Jackson, Kurt Warner and Bob Carter who distributed Poppies at various locations and raised funds.
    • Bob and Helen Carter and Mike Mitricska who designed and preped the float for the Veterans Day Parade in Raleigh, and to the 6 VFW members, 8 Ladies Aux members, 5 Men's Aux members 9 guests helped with decorating the float and carying the Post banner.
    • Joy Clifton and Teena Barbour also distributed Poppies at the Capitol after the parade.
    • Sandi and Don Leu, Ann Barnhouse, Wade Gutreuder and Helen Carter for running the Veterans Day program at the local nursing home.
    • Teena Barbour and Joy Clifton who spent hours putting labels and thousands of Buddy Poppies on flags to be uesd during the Veterans Day events.
  • Sept - Bob Wendell for working with the bank to get a building loan approved for our new Post home.
  • October - Thanks to Ladies Auxiliary Treasurer Gerri Griggs who worked hard for two years to get our non-profit status fixed with the IRS.
  • Oct 18 - 4 VFW members, 6 Ladies Aux members, 6 Men's Aux members helped to host the Legion Riders picnic at Lake Benson Park.
  • Oct 1 - 8 members who attended our last VA visit. Present were Don Leu, Ann Barnhouse, Helen Carter, Christine Lee Jones, Gared Longo, Ileta Swallop, Tracie Main and Sandi Johnson-Leu.
  • Sept - Thanks to Christine Lee Jones for using her own time and money to visit a lonely marine in 29 Palms, after his buddy back in NC (who was suffering from PTSD) was killed by police.
  • Sept 2 - Thanks to Joy Clifton for arranging for Cato's Fashions of Garner to donate ladies clothing. Much of it was in need of repair, and the employees and residents of the Murdoch Center repaired and cleaned the items, so they could be used by the residents there. The Murdoch Center is a home for the developmentally disabled and is located in Butner, NC.
  • July 2 - Visit the Durham VA and hold BINGO for the patients: Helen Carter
  • June 18 - Set-up and worked at a site to provide hot dog, massages and membership materials: Teena Barbour, Ed Leigh, Michelle Killane and Helen Carter
  • June 10 - Present awards at various schools end of the Year awards program: Sandi Johnson-Leu
  • June 10 - Present awards at the EGMS end of the Year awards program: Helen Carter
  • May 7 - Visit the Durham VA and hold BINGO for the patients: Sandi Johnson-Leu and Helen Carter
  • Jan 12-13 - Assisting a veteran by cutting up a tree whcich fell on his porch: Bob Wendel, Tracey Main and Gared Londo
  • Jan 13 - Assisting a veteran by picking up a wheelchair for him: Helen Carter
  • Nov-Dec - Played Santa for several local Reserve Centers and some area churches: Bob Carter
  • Nov - Build a wheelcheir ramp for area veteran: Wade Gutreuter, Mike Mitriska, and Bob Carter along with voluteers from the Garner Home Depot
  • Oct 23-25 - Rebuild a porch for area veteran: Wade Gutreuter, Mike Mitriska, Bob Carter, Jerry George
  • Sept 20 - POW/MIA service - Sandi Johnson-Leu, Tracey Main, William Ridgeway, Jerry George, Don Leu, Bob Wendell, Mendoza, Wade Gutreuter, and Dick Jansen
  • Sept 20 - TT&E Barbecue - Teena Barbour, William Ridgeway, Etta Ball, Joy Clifton, Wade Gutreuter, Dick Jansen, Gerri Griggs, Bob Carter, Helen Carter, BJ Steele, Sandi Johnson-Leu, Tracey Main, Etta Ball, David Ball, Bob Smolensky, Scott Hood, Cliff Berry, Ed Leigh, Claude Moore, David "Doc" Lee, Ronnie Johnson, Wayne Bullen, Torrie Wilson, Jerry George, Terri Glover, Sherry Phillips, Mark Perkins, Heidi Becker Inman, and John Malcovich.
  • May 18 - Post Cleanup Day - Wade Gutreuter, William Ridgeway, Dick Jansen and Sandi Johnson-Leu
  • April 29 - Cleaned the fans - Claude Moore
  • April 21 - Building new storage units under bar - Wade Gutreuter, David "Doc" Lee
  • April 20 - Post Cleanup day - Wade Gutreuter, David "Doc" Lee, Claude Moore, Etta Ball, BJ and John Steele, Dick Jansen, Gerri Griggs
  • April 16 - Dinner with Emily and Murdoch Center staff - Gerri Griggs, William Ridgeway, Etta Ball, Anna Holm, Denise Peele, and Betty Carver
  • April 14 - Membership drive at the US Army reserve center - Sandi Johnson-Leu, Gared Londo, Wade Gutreuter, Mark Bergman, Tracey Main, Helen Carter
  • Apr 3 - Visit to the Durham VA Medical Center - Helen Carter, Wade Gutreuter, Anna Holm, Jerry George, Mark Bergman, and Tracey Main.
  • March 18 - ongoing - Assisting an Auxiliary member stricken with Cancer - Helen Carter and Sandi Johnson-Leu
  • March 16 - April 27 - Worked to restore veteran's home - Michael Mitricska, Joy Clifton, Bob Carter, Helen Carter, Jerry George, John Steele, BJ Steele, Wade Gutreuter, Jim Entwistle, Mikie Raybon
  • Mar 2 - Scrubbing the kitchen floor - Bob Carter
  • Jan 15- ongoing - Working with the flooring - Ed Leigh
  • Jan 2, 2014 - Visit to the Durham VA Medical Center - Gerri Griggs, Jeremy Sippel, Betty Carver, Ann Barnhouse, Helen Carter, Wade Gutreuter, Linda Elstun, Etta Ball, Jerry George, Nicole Hatch, Gerald Londo, Yvonne Chrisikos, Anita Huffman, Mark Bergman, and Tracey Main.
  • Dec 30 - Post Memorial Service - Thanks to the Sandi Johnson-Leu, Alice Daniels, Helen Carter and the officers who assisted in preparing the annual Memorial Service at the Post
  • Dec 1, 2, and 8 - Bob and Helen Carter for supporting Santa's visit to the troops and their families for their annual holiday parties. They did 5 Reserve Units.
  • Dec 1 - Christmas Parade - Bob Wendell for leading the team in participating in the Garner Christmas Parade
  • Aug 21 - Dinner with Emily - Thanks to the members who took Emily (our resident from the Murdoch Center) to dinner at the Olive Garden: Gerri Griggs, Dot Fulghum, Sandi Johnson-Leu, Helen Carter, Joy Clifton, Anna Holm,
  • Aug 18 - Motor Cycle Run - Thanks to: Allen Daniels, Dvid ball, Bob Smolensky, Ed Leigh, Gerri Griggs, Claude Snyder, Mark Judson, Anita Lee, Etta Ball and Tracey Main
  • Aug 11 - Tom Morey Memorial Run:
         Post: Allen Daniels, Justin Sawyer, Bryan Skipper, Charlie Britt, Jesse Mendoza, William Ridgeway, Allen Daniels, Mark Judson, Mark Bergman
         LAux: Anita Huffman, Helen Carter, Tracey Main, Joy Clifton, Etta Ball, Carla Wooldridge, Tina Creech, Roxanne Parker, Teena Barbour, Michelle Kilane, Elizabeth Morey Wilder, Frances Skipper, Nancy Britt, Eveline Falk
         MAux: Ed Leigh, Mike Morey, David Ball, Scott Hood, Russ Marcom
         Guests: Leslie Leigh, Alison Chmielewski
         Local Sponsosrs: Planet Fitness, Pepsi Cola (water), Chick-fil-A, Boy Scout Troop #392, Cindy Sue Campbell from Layton's Produce (bananas),
  • Aug 1 - Durham VA Hospital Viist: Helen Carter, Betty Carver, Ann Barnhouse, Tracey Main, Mark Bergman, and Ralph Church
  • Aug 1 - Ed Leigh, David Ball, Scott Hood,
  • July 28 - Post cleanup day: Mark Judson, Allen Daniels, Ralph Church, Jesse Mendoza, Ed Leigh, Anita Huffman, Sandra Johnson-Leu, Ethelene Beazley
  • July 7 - Sandi Leu who coordinatd the US Army Reserve Center family day. Sandi did all the setup, the shopping, and was able to get donations for many of the items. A large crew helped serve the meal. Thanks to Mark Judson, Mark Bergman, Josh Duval, Wade Gutreuter, Don Leu, Ralph Church, Bryan Skipper, Steve Zeoli, Joy Clifton, Carola Bergman, Ann Barnhouse, Helen Carter, Helen Sloan, Bob Smolensky, and a special thanks to Ed Hood for standing over the hot grill to cook the hamburgers and hotdogs for us.
  • June - Ed Leigh - for securing donation of flooring from Pergo
  • June 30 - Post cleanup day: Allen Daniels, Mark Bergman, Kyle Knox
  • June 27 - Mark Bergman and Bryan Skipper for securing the grant from Home Depot for the building upgrades (paint, new lattice on the patio, parking lot repairs, etc.)
  • June 1 - Brian Skipper and Joshua Duval stepped up at the last minute to help with steak night on June 1.
  • May 19 - Post cleanup day: Allen Daniels, Mark Bergman, Ralph Church, David Ball
  • May 4 - Steak Night: Allen Daniels, Mark Judson, Mark Bergman, Terry Glover, Etta Ball, Anita Huffman, Sherry Phillips, & David Ball
  • May 2 - Post VA Hospital Viist: Sandi Leu, Anita Huffman and Anna Holm
  • Apr 28 - Post Cleanup: Mark Judson, Allen Daniels, Mark Bergman, Anita Huffman, Terry Glover, Robert Smolensky
  • Apr 11 - Corolla Bergman for bringing the cakes to the last meeting
  • Mar 31 - Bryan Skipper, Mark Holland, Mark Bergman, Corola Bergman, and Frances Skipper all went to the Vietnam Vets "Welocme Home" at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Whilie there, they recruited 9 VFW members 5 Mens Aux and 4 Ladies Aux members.
  • Mar 31 - Joint Post Clean-up: Dick Jansen, William Ridgeway, Gerri Griggs
  • Anita Huffman, Mark Bergman, Jeremy Sippel: For cleaning and organizing the upstairs storage area.
  • Feb 25 - Post cleanup day: Allen Daniels, Ron Hale, Etta Ball, David Ball
  • Feb 18 - Chili Cook Off: Frank Tichauer, Etta Ball, Alice Daniels, Michelle Killane, Ed Leigh
  • Feb 3 - Steak Night: Allen Daniels, Gerri Griggs, Dottie Fulghum, Joy Clifton, David Ball and Guest - Glen Rogers
  • Jan 28 - Joint Post Clean-up: Mark Judson, Allen Daniels, Bob Carter, Mark Bergman, Anita Huffman, Etta Ball, Gerri Griggs, David Ball, Ed Leigh; Work Study - Jeremy Sippel
  • Jan 13 - Steak Night: Allen Daniels, David Ball, Glen Rogers, Gerri Griggs, Dottie Fulghum, Joy Clifton
  • Jan 6 - Steak Night: Allen Daniels, Mark Bergman, Dick Jansen, Gerri Griggs, Dottie Fulghum, Carola Bergman
  • Jan 4, 2013 - VA Hospital Visit at Durham VAMC - Sandy Johnson-Leu, Helen Carter, Ann Barnhouse

Below thanks our members who contribute regularly to our ongoing veterans projects:

  • Sandra Johnson-Leu: Collecting and delivering itms to the homeless shelters, working with Five Below in Garner for coordinating the fundraising.
  • David Ball who he comes in and helps out and he does not have to, he sweeps the floor takes out trash, etc.
  • Helen Carter: For maintaining the Post's web-site, publishing the Post's newsletter and coordinating all of our VA Hospital visits.

Thanks to our members!!

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